Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about PDspect Inspection Software:


  • Q: I'm just getting started, where do I go to learn more?
    A: If you've already purchased the software and are looking for more information about using the program, the best starting point will be our tutorials page. Here you'll find tons of videos that will walk you through every aspect of using the program.

    If you haven't purchased PDspect yet and are trying to decide if it will work for you, then give us a call at (888)736-2362 Mon-Fri 9AM EDT - 5:00PM EDT and talk to a live person who can help you out. You can also send us an email at info@pdspect.com

  • Q: Is it easy to use?
    A: Of course! PDspect is simple to learn and easy to use. You do not need to be a computer expert to be an expert at using PDspect.

  • Q: How customizable is the program?
    A: PDspect is very customizable. Take what we have and make it yours.

  • Q: Am I able to create my own forms?
    A: Yes! You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating forms. You can tweak the forms that come with the program to make them yours, or create a new form from the ground up.


  • Q: What is included with technical support? Where do I go if I need technical support?
    A: Phone and email support as well as software updates are included with PDspect support.

    PDspect is simple, but questions still come up. You can look for answers to your questions online in one of our tutorials or our HOW TO documents. If you can't find the answer there, or want to talk it over with someone, you can give us a call at (888)736-2362 Mon-Fri 9AM EDT - 5:00PM EDT and talk to a live person who can help you out. You can also send us an email at support@pdspect.com. The online resources can be used by everyone, but you'll need to be up to date on support to use the phone and email support options.

  • Q: How do I renew support/updates? What do I get when I do?
    A: You can renew your support for another year over the phone or by mailing a check. As your support gets close to being up for renewal we will contact you about payment options. Support includes live phone support during normal business hours, email support, as well as, any software updates/upgrades that become available during the period support is renewed for.

  • Q: Where do I find the latest program updates?
    A: If you are up to date on your support, any time a program update is available you will see a small box appear in the lower right corner of the main screen that you can click on to run the latest update.

Hardware Related

  • Q: What hardware can I use?
    A: The software works on Windows devices that run 7, 8 or 10.

  • Q: What hardware is best?
    A: This is a common question and a tough one to answer. Everyone is different and so what works great for one person may not be a good option for another. We recommend going with a piece of hardware you're familiar with, and if this is all new to you, you can always give us a call to talk through what you're looking for and we can help make a recommendation.

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