How do you save time with PDspect's Crane Edition?
Sample crane inspection report generated with PDspect

Produce Professional Easy to Read Reports

PDspect will save you time by generating a professional report as you are inspecting. For some, this means that you no longer have to go back to the office and spend hours typing up hand written notes. For others, who use the handwritten copy as the end report, it means that you will now have a professional computer generated report that your clients will appreciate. It will be much easier for them to read the reports, and will cut down on incoming calls asking for clarification about what something in a handwritten report says.

With PDspect, once the inspection is complete so is the report. With the ability to print on site and/or create a PDF copy of the report to email, you can instantly get the inspection results to the right people. In fact, PDspect eliminates the need to do any additional work to prepare and deliver the report. This not only saves you time, but it makes it much easier to get the repairs and adjustments started on the necessary items.

Auto summary creation

PDspect's auto summary creation saves you time on your report creation and is an invaluable tool. Those who currently produce an inspection summary know how time consuming it can be to create, but because of the value it brings understand it is a must have. Many times all a person wants to know after an inspection is what was found wrong so that the repairs/replacements can start happening immediately. To get to this information you can spend hours sorting through a report trying to find out where the items of concern are. Not only is this time consuming, it also allows for items to get skipped over. Having a summary of all items that require attention automatically created makes it very easy to review the most important information, and take immediate actions on those items.

Select common answers from dropdown lists

Are you tired of writing the same comment over and over? Never again with PDspect. Take your time and get the comment perfect once, after that, one simple click will put your comment into the report!

PDspect's library is specific to the item you are inspecting. If you are inspecting the hoist motor you only see comments related to the hoist motor. This convenience keeps you moving fast in the field.

PDspect monitors which notes you use most frequently. It will place your most commonly used notes at the top of the list saving you time. PDspect works with you so that you can stay focused on crane inspection.

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