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PDspect crane edition is designed as an easy to use, easy to learn inspection system that will improve the efficiency of your crane inspections. PDspect can be used for the inspection of all cranes, including: overhead cranes, hoists, mobile cranes, and any other crane type. The bottom line is that if you are inspecting any type of crane PDspect can help.

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PDspect crane edition will improve your crane inspection process in three ways:

1. Eliminate Paper from the Inspection Process

With PDspect the days of hauling around a clipboard and paper are gone. PDspect allows you to electronically record inspection information and produce the inspection report as you are inspecting. The moment you are done with the inspection the report is complete and ready to be delivered. Learn more about how PDspect can make you more efficient by eliminating paper.

2. Save Time

PDspect saves you time on your crane inspections and report creation in several ways. First it eliminates the need to rekey data after an inspection. Many companies spend hours after each inspection going through the frustrating process of typing up the inspection information. Why waste valuable time with an unnecessary process when the time could be spent more productively in other vital areas of your business. PDspect also saves you time with its reinspection and auto summary creation features.

3. Makes inspection information easily accessible

Have your information just a click away - PDspect eliminates the hassles of digging through paper. For crane inspection and service companies this could be when a client calls in wanting a quote for a repair on a particular crane. For crane owners it could be when they need to produce their inspection records for OSHA. Why spend time searching through file cabinets full of thousands of sheets of paper when all you really need to do is pull up an electronic report on your computer and quickly locate the information you are looking for?

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